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“FRMR” album

Posted in Music on May 1, 2011 by Chase Spivey

This album was mostly recorded in the late summer and fall of 2010 at my house. My upstairs neighbor Tristan had introduced me and Chris to lots of new music and dragged us out of the creative rut we had found ourselves in as Ghost of Monkshood slowly and quietly came to an end. These new inspirational forces like Laurie Anderson and Talk Talk,┬ámade me want to make more rhythmically driven music with fewer parts and less overdubbing with the focus being on the energy and feeling of each song. Old habits die hard though, and after laying down some highly charged rough takes we did drift back into our comfort methods of overdubbing and effecting tracks until the project was growing so complex that it was beginning to lose it’s feeling. In these long months of waiting for tracks to be tinkered with enough to “sound right”, FRMR developed into a performing group and the studio tracks were sounding less and less like what we were enjoying doing live. So, I decided to upload these tracks in their current state (with additional remixes done by some of our friends) in an effort to spark growth and momentum.