“Lady of the Sun” music video

This video spawned from a Zanzibar Records meeting. At the meeting, we were discussing music videos and the ideas I was hearing were sounding like giant intricate towers of platinum. I loved hearing about the high concept visuals, but was getting frustrated by our lack of video production, so I paired a simple ambient video concept with a simple ambient song from Doug Rader‘s album that we had just released. Doug was at the meeting so I asked him if he wanted to take a trip to the Witchita Mountains tomorrow. Susan Emberton was down for a road trip too, and Chris McDaniel hopped on board before we left the next morning. During the car trip to Mt. Scott we listened to the song over and over and discussed what we wanted to do. We are all big fans of Andy Goldsworthy, so we decided to pay tribute to him with a paced video about getting in touch with one’s environment and building small sculptures or “cairns” to mark a personal attachment with a particular place and time. The video was shot in one day, with Chris, myself and my then 5 year old son Donovan gathering stones and sticks to make the final sculpture while Doug and Susan were filming in various places around the nearby hills. It was edited by Susan during the weeks following.



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