“Soft Bed” music video

One day after work I found a giant LCD TV in the dumpster behind my house. Naturally, I dug it out, dismantled it and discovered that part of the screen was this giant piece of magnifying plastic. “You’re staying with me” I thought… a few weeks later I hosted a video work party and was intent on using this piece. Among the collected dumpster treasures at my house there were also a few rolls of silver mylar. We played with a few different light and wind setups and eventually came up with the “portal” look that you see in the video. In retrospect, I wish that we had spent more than just one day shooting so that we could develop more of a plot-line to immerse the viewer in, but these are the things you learn through the process… I’m very happy with the naturally special effects we were able to come up with on the spot and I was very happy with Susan‘s and Attila‘s camerawork.



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